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Our Services

GLISCO.AI can offer truly transformative artificial intelligence and machine learning applications based on clear strategic vision (consulting), dedicated resources (Data Science as a Service, DSaaS), and proprietary technologies (Avicenna and Ilyé!).

Strategic Consulting: Advise clients on the role machine learning should play in their strategy and how to achieve it.

KLASanalytics: Provide data science as a service for clients and enable them to use cutting-edge technologies and techniques in their business operations.

Avicenna: A platform that harnesses the power of deep learning in sequence modelling transforming how data science is approached.

Ilyé: We have reimagined sports analytics from the ground up. Ilyé! is a football prediction engine that thinks of matches as interactions between players, managers, competitions, grounds etc. Just how they really are!

Strategic Consulting

We create data strategies that give our clients a competitive edge through the full transformative power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

We are a world-leading artificial intelligence, machine learning / data science strategic consulting team, consisting of expert practitioners with a clear focus on creating new consumer experiences.


KLASanalytics delivers end-to-end Data Science services to clients.

Our clients focus on the change that they need to make to realise the commercial value from data science, while we take care of data, technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, integration of machine learning output with their systems, user experience and visualisation, security and privacy.

We have a simple subscription model that allows clients easy access to our intellectual property and data science skills.


Avicenna is a deep learning-based, generalised sequence prediction API. It learns sequential patterns that are interconnected and predicts the next values or deviations from normal patterns.  It enables the formulation of machine learning problems as a hierarchy of sequences and doesn’t make assumptions on the structure of the data or its mathematical properties.

Avicenna is developed on Manjam and scalable cloud computing technology therefore it is quasi-insensitive to the volume or speed of data it receives or the predictions it generates.


Ilyé! is a highly accurate football results predictions engine. It extracts performance patterns for every player and calculates how they will play, dependent on who they play with and against.

Predictions are made more responsive to real-life context by considering cumulative player history, competitions, grounds and managers.

Ilyé! users can generate predictions for any possible combinations of teams’ line-up, and can react to changes and unforeseen events.