Strategic Consulting

We create data strategies that give our clients a competitive edge through the full transformative power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science.

We are a world-leading artificial intelligence, machine learning / data science strategic consulting team, consisting of expert practitioners with a clear focus on creating new consumer experiences.

What & Why?

What we do and why

Our vast experience in the field has shown that there’s more wastage than value creation from data science efforts in organisations that lack true data culture.

Numerous organisations have embarked on strategic data or IT transformations with focus on user experience modernisation, which invariably has limited success. What’s missing is the ability to strategically rethink new user experiences that are truly transformative by harnessing the possibilities of artificial intelligence, machine learning.

We provide our clients with the necessary capabilities to turn data into a commercial and competitive asset. We create valuable data strategies that are innovation-led and challenge the status quo to help clients rethink their objectives.

There is also information asymmetry between technology vendors and technology buyers. Buyers are primarily influenced by buzzwords and trendy concepts. They often can’t imagine the full potential that data-driven products present to their businesses, which can lead to inaction, or implementing programmes that are not value-driven.

Our view is that data, technology, algorithms and visionary leadership, applied together in a coherent data strategy, can transform businesses, create new opportunities and access to new markets.

Each one of these areas is complex enough, so we help our clients in navigating this complexity and harness their business knowledge to identify real transformative opportunities.

Our skills and focus on feasible transformations means that we are uniquely positioned to help our customers master data, technology and algorithms for their greatest economical advantage.

Benefits for our clients

We work with our clients and partners to design, launch and execute data strategies that drive transformation programmes with the goal of generating:

  • Better business
  • More business
  • Cross business

The driving factor behind these business opportunities is equipping our clients with the vision to:

  • Improve and upgrade existing data services and processes, enabling better decision-making through deeper and faster understanding of market trends, both on the demand and supply sides.
  • Change business processes with new data services to automate decision-making, either within customer-facing products and services or internal processes. These are typically functional data services such as demand forecasting, supply chain optimisation, strategic planning, product recommendations or marketing automation.
  • Create new data-driven products and services that enable our clients to harness modern technologies to create or address new markets. Clients need to imagine new business models enabling new customer experiences, which requires a deep understanding of organisations, markets and technological possibilities. We apply our analytical expertise to support all these three areas, and encourage our clients to consider customer interactions that allow them to monetise existing data assets and to generate new relevant and valuable data assets.

How we do it

We produce data strategies that map to cement monetisation opportunities.

We offer our clients a focused, iterative process to establish an artificial intelligence, machine learning-driven future vision. Challenging through disruptive insights and knowledge-sharing on current technological and artificial intelligence, machine learning frontiers, we guide our clients to think outside the box. We then translate the vision into a set of data management, artificial intelligence, machine learning, technology and change management roadmaps.

We complement our advisory services with KLASanalytics  & ‘Data Science as a Service’ (DSaaS) offering as an execution partner.

We adopt a methodology that applies data science techniques to the innovation and design processes, by exploring patterns in specific markets and assessing the effectiveness of executed programmes.

We have the technology and expertise to delve into large, multi-dimensional, incomplete data sets, to summarise very complex, multi-dimensional patterns in meaningful quantities.  We also identify patterns, changes and forecasts that are indiscernible with traditional methods.

We start our engagement by encouraging our clients to generate as many ideas as possible and to couple this process with other paradigms such as strategic management consulting, design thinking and ethnographic research. The coalescence of approaches is crucial to the innovation process and ensures that the multitude of perspectives uncover the unobvious.

Insights generate ideas and expertise quickly assesses them, before turning them into an executable strategy. We help clients make that step by:

  1. Clearly defining the opportunities:
    1. Scope
    2. Market
    3. Input
    4. Output
    5. Resources
    6. Monetisation
  1. Creating a gap analysis to identify what needs to be built and what can be reused from existing assets.
  2. Highlighting organisational requirements (such as new structure, new processes or new business).
  3. Providing an operating model for the new vision.
  4. Using the right measures and KPIs to assess success, effectiveness and efficiency.

New ways of doing business need new ways of applying technology, to create compelling value propositions.  We help clients with:

  1. artificial intelligence, machine learning Roadmaps: how to use artificial intelligence, machine learning to turn the vision into a new product or service. This requires both a market understanding and artificial intelligence, machine learning expertise. A roadmap essentially consists of these main elements:
    1. Data collection and processing
    2. artificial intelligence, machine learning processes
    3. User experience – how will the user use the data
  1. Technology Design: cutting-edge, effective and efficient technology platform to enable the future vision and the artificial intelligence, machine learning roadmaps. We specialise in:
    1. artificial intelligence, machine learning techniques and how they can be deployed under different patterns
    2. Data processing with modern technologies
    3. artificial intelligence, machine learning product deployment for best in class user experience
    4. Cloud technology and cutting edge paradigms

Succeeding in the real world is the only way to measure the success of any strategy.

We take an agile, iterative approach to launching new products and services for our clients with rapid build, measure and adjust cycles.

Measuring is key to our success: we embed the logic for measuring from the first step, including measuring our own efficiency.

We advise our clients to adopt new cloud paradigms that enable a ‘NoDevOps’ approach whenever possible.

Our advisory services often lead to a build, measure and adjust phase, delivered by our DSaaS arm – KLASanalytics.

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Industry Expertise

With technology innovations, consumer preference changes; challenges from innovative start-ups in various industries are feeling greater threats to their core business, emanating from new rivals.

Being ‘data natives’, we help our clients turn key, strategic opportunities or threats into commercial revenue. Below is a summary of our industry targeted expertise: