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Our Mission

Our mission at GLISCO.AI is to create value from machine learning and data management technologies.  Our unique blend of consulting, data science services and proprietary technologies can accelerate end-to-end artificial intelligence, machine learning adoption, enabling organisations worldwide to achieve true business transformation.

Products and Services

GLISCO.AI can offer truly transformative artificial intelligence and machine learning applications based on clear strategic vision (consulting), dedicated resources (Data Science as a Service, DSaaS), and proprietary technologies (Avicenna and Ilyé!).

We have four core offerings:

Strategic Consulting








We have forged key partnerships with leaders in the machine learning and data science spaces. The strategic goal of our partnerships is to have access to cutting-edge technologies that allow us to innovate for our clients. We have built up a sophisticated ecosystem that allow us to solve large and complex problems with flexible technologies, partnering with the following companies:

Who we are


GLISCO.AI was established in 2016 to bring together multiple initiatives. The oldest brand under GLISCO.AI is KLASanalytics which was established in 2014.

The founders’ learnt during their earlier ventures that the greatest obstacles to adopting artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science successfully are:

  • Executives’ lack of knowledge of the domain
  • Lack of focus on specific business objectives
  • The rush for short-term results
  • Mis-positioning of data science teams within the organisation
  • A long time to see the true value due to technical and technological constraints.

The founders’ quickly realised that the best way to ensure that artificial intelligence and machine learning delivers the promised value is to provide end-to-end services and products that integrate efforts, from vision establishment to business process redesign, by embedding artificial intelligence, machine learning in products and services through to technology deployment.

This is the mission of GLISCO.AI.

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